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“Our son took his own life because of that drug” – Wel.nl

The designer drug 3-MMC is rapidly gaining in popularity, partly because the drug is not on the list of prohibited substances. Social services, police and parents are raising the alarm. “That junk must be banned today.”

Mother Bea tells RTL News that her son (26) passed away after an overdose of the drug. “Gerjan took his own life in a delusion. I’m sure of that because of those drugs. ”

His father says that Gerjan used 3-MMC on a daily basis in the weeks before his death. “He ordered it online. We have seen his account statements. Almost everything went to it. ”

The drug is especially popular in the east of the country. A group of mayors in the Achterhoek sent an urgent letter to the Lower House at the end of last year, calling for a ban. “You hear it more and more in the village,” agrees Bea. “It is also very easy to obtain. Flyers are even distributed. As if they were burgers. ”

You can legally order 3-MMC online or through smart shops. The drug can be injected, swallowed or injected. It costs ten euros per gram and is therefore a lot cheaper than cocaine, while it has somewhat the same effect: users feel happy, alert and tireless. They also gain more self-confidence and become more contact-oriented.

Research by the RIVM shows that 10 percent of the nightlife public between the ages of 16 and 35 has used 3-MMC at some point. It is especially loved by the highly educated. Last year, sixty young people ended up in hospital with poisoning. The cabinet is working on a ban, but that is not there yet.

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