Mayor’s initiative to improve safety at street crossings

Mayor Eric Adams unveils a new plan to improve safety at thousands of intersections across the five boroughs, seeking to reduce the number of road deaths that continue to rise nationwide.

Under the program, current efforts will be doubled, making improvements to at least two thousand intersections per year.

Of those intersections, one thousand will receive daylighting treatments to improve visibility and design improvements to reduce vehicle speeds when crossing.

“Our streets must be safe places for all New Yorkers: pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. Today, we are proud to announce that we are doubling our current pace of intersection safety improvements,” reads a social media message from Mayor Adams.

Raised crosswalks, widened sidewalks and improved pedestrian signals will also be built.

Additionally, highway violence incidents will be added to the police department’s usual reports, making these offenses a critical public safety issue.

“In New York City, a city that is an example of how the number of pedestrians who are dying in crashes is reducing, the lowest we have in the last 114 years while in the country it is the highest number since 1987,” said Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodríguez. “We are working to daylight one thousand intersections in the city every year plus another thousand intersections that we will continue to redesign to make New York under the mayor’s leadership the safest city in this nation.”

As part of the program, investments will also be made in safety measures for city service vehicles.

2023-11-30 22:23:00
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