Minister of Public Health Discusses Vaccination and Booster Doses with Family Vaccination Center and Vaccination Brigade

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, held a meeting with Sandra Ibáñez, in charge of the Family Vaccination Center and the Vaccination Brigade, to find out the balance of the doses that were administered during the year.

Medina Ruiz indicated: “We had a meeting with Ms. Ibáñez where she informed us that there were more than 80 thousand doses of vaccines administered from the vaccination center and those administered by the Vaccination Brigade. It is important to keep in mind that now that we have news from other countries, mainly from the United States, where a new variant of COVID appeared, we must reinforce our vaccination schedule. “It is especially recommended for people over 50 years of age or with underlying illnesses, who have spent more than 6 months since their last dose, to consider a booster dose if they have less than 4 doses or more than 6 months have passed.”

In this regard, Ibáñez reported that he and his team attended to provide details about the number of vaccines administered from January to November. It reported that so far a total of 80,000 doses have been administered from the Family Vaccination Center and the Vaccination Brigade. In addition, she explained that the vaccination brigade is the team in charge of carrying out street operations under the direction of the Minister of Health, using trailers with the vaccines.

Following this line, the professional mentioned: «The response from the people has been positive, especially from older adults who come to receive the corresponding dose against COVID. In addition, we have received a friendly attitude from all the people who approach us. This is important, since we remind you that each vaccine provides health and represents prevention. On the other hand, next week, December 16, will be our last activity in the nursing homes, since we have visited almost all of them. This last round will be the last booster and then we will have to wait until March or April to accompany the flu vaccine. We thank the minister for always receiving us so well and teaching us to have a good attitude towards people so that they come back,” she concluded.

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2023-11-30 23:50:39
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