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Mannheim Mother Kills Sons: Desiree A. Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Treacherous Murder

Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg) – The verdict is in!

Desiree A. (44) is behind bars for 13 years because she killed her own sons Hagen (9) and Theodor (7) in cold blood. The Mannheim regional court convicted the mother on Friday of two counts of treacherous murder.

Review: The two boys spent Easter this year with their mother in Hockenheim. The 44-year-old has lived separated from the father of her children since 2018 and they are now divorced.

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Then on April 8th the unbelievable act: Desiree A., who suffered brain damage from a cerebral hemorrhage in 2005 and subsequently developed a personality disorder, first drugged the children in her apartment and then suffocated them.

Horrible: When the indictment was read out at the beginning of December, senior public prosecutor Katja König said: “After the defendant had drugged the children and suffocated them with a presumably soft object, she drilled a screwdriver into the children’s heads while they were dying.”

A day later, the 44-year-old wrote the police in an email that she had done something bad.

A photo from happy days: Father Steffen A. (56) holds his son Theodor (7) in his arms, Hagen (9) stands in front of them.

Photo: Reinhard Roskaritz

According to the indictment, Desiree A. had reduced criminal responsibility at the time of the crime. An expert spoke out against placement in a psychiatric hospital during the trial. Reason: The 44-year-old’s personality disorder would have impaired her ability to control things, but not her ability to understand things. The public prosecutor’s office had demanded a prison sentence of 14.5 years, and the defense attorney had argued for a maximum sentence of twelve years in prison.

At the murder trial, the father of the killed children and his daughter from his first marriage appeared as co-plaintiffs. The verdict came earlier than expected.

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