Maligina’s eldest daughter about the legacy around the legacy: “It looks like slander”

A couple of weeks ago, Valerija Maligina’s widow Elīna Maligina applied to the police. It seemed suspicious to her that in the house sealed by the police, where Valery Maligin had died, belongings had moved from one room to another, jewelry, money and the like had disappeared. Last week, before going abroad, Elīna Maligina filed a claim at the Jūrmala Courthouse of the Riga District Court to declare Valery Maligina’s will read in January invalid, and the court has initiated a case.

Elīna Maligina’s lawyer Pāvels Rebenoks told the portal that a claim to declare the will invalid was submitted to the court, and the defendants in the case are all other heirs. “This means that the inheritance case is suspended until a court decision is made,” Rebenok said.

The lawyer emphasized that he and the client have both confidence and evidence that Maligina’s will, drawn up in February 2016 and read in January this year, does not reflect the true last will of the entrepreneur.

This week, Valery Maligin’s ex-wife, Signe Baldere-Sildedze, who is raising a daughter born to Valery, who is still a minor, also revealed the peculiarities of the inheritance.

Baldere-Sildedze said that if a person is appointed as a guardian or guardian, he assumes that he has all the abilities and skills, because it is still a duty. But what Irina is currently doing with her lawyers is in no way in line with the guardian’s abilities and skills.

“She has to do it personally. If she doesn’t even come to the orphan’s court hearing, where it’s about spending huge amounts of money, if she doesn’t respond to an official invitation. If we announce the arrival of a bailiff, it is his duty to provide an inventory. She does not answer and does not come, then it may be a matter of performing the duties of a guardian here, ”said Baldere-Sildedze.

According to her, in this case the ambitions and incompetence of one person are noticeable. She also talked about the professionalism of the police and the orphanage. “You have to make a very harsh decision and give up Latvian citizenship in order to protect yourself and your child in some way. I also have Swiss citizenship. We will have the protection of a civilized state, because they protect their citizens very much, and then there will be a different respect, a different attitude, because our people are absolutely not interested in the Orphans’ Court and the police, ”said Signe Baldere-Sildedze .

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“It was a normal day …” Elīna Maligina’s first big interview after her husband’s death asked Valērija Maligina, the guardian of the inheritance left by Irina Maligina, about what was going on around the inheritance case. She declined to comment further, saying that in connection with Elīna Maligina’s application for the loss and transfer of property: “I cannot comment on Elīna Maligina’s allegations and assumptions, which are unfounded and rather look like deliberate slander.”

Irina Maligina said: “I have no doubts about the authenticity of Father Valery Maligina’s last will – the will.” I have not yet received and acquainted myself with the lawsuit. However, I see that various methods are being used, including an attempt to suddenly question a will a month and a half after it has been read.

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