VIDEO: Uncontrolled alcohol consumption begins in the show “Lauku sēta”

Work in the seventh season of “Lauku sētas” has just begun, but it seems that life is being celebrated in full swing at the same time. Already in the first week of work, several bottles of “white clear” are found in the apartments of the “great four” or Guntars, Mārtiņš, Šarmantas Kaspars and Agnis. The next evening, the characteristic aroma of the parties is noticed in the breath of another group, writes “”.

The moment the flasks are found, Guntars immediately admits masculine – these are his drinks. And the guy is waiting for an unpleasant surprise. Alcohol is forbidden in the farm, so the drink is confiscated.

“B ***, they collected the flasks!” Guntars chuckled at night, noticing this unusualness. The belongings are searched, hoping to find something from the stock, but the guys are disappointed.

As Guntars later explains, there was a small sitting in the “Lauku sēta” the previous evening, but, in his opinion, 400 grams per 6 people is nothing special. Guntars, like a real man, will not give up the rest – he is ready to take full responsibility and receive punishment.

It seems that alcohol in this “Farmstead” is highly respected. Jānis Rāzna also feels the characteristic aroma of the drink in Jurčika’s breath.

As it turns out, the next evening the celebrations took place again, and together with Jurčikas, Cynthia and Linda also drank. Drinks for beauties were provided by Jurčiks.

But what will be the penalty? Can someone be disqualified for a violation?


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