The promised veil lines have not yet arrived from Taiwan. No contract was signed either

According to the original assumptions, the donated lines from the Taiwanese company Autoland Technology were to be imported to the Czech Republic in October and put into operation a month later. However, given the current developments, it is almost certain that this plan will not work.

“There is definitely no silence on the footpath, negotiations are underway. But we are still in the promising phase. In an initiative, we are trying to find out the specifications of the lines and things around so that an agreement can be signed between the states, “said Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Social Policy Lumír Kantor (KDU-ČSL), who is dealing with the matter.

Together with him, the Ministry of Industry and Trade plays a significant role in the negotiations, finding out from the Taiwanese side the necessary information about the lines, their location, operation, staff training or the company’s requirements for the Czech Republic.

According to Kantor, an unprecedented situation

Five fully automatic 3D lines for the production of veils and respirators N95, ie the FFP2 class, are to be donated to the Czech Republic by the local industrial company Autoland Technology as a friendly gesture for the Senate chief’s trip to Taiwan in September. According to its director Kuo Li-lin, the lines should provide protection for about 120,000 paramedics.

Kantor also added that he personally would like everything to be done by the end of this year, but according to him the deadline in the first quarter of next year is more realistic.

According to him, it is an “unprecedented matter”, which slows down the situation. The state does not know how to deal with such a gift properly. “It is important to be careful not to be ashamed. We need to administer it as a state gift from the state, and we need to do it in such a way that we do not subsequently disadvantage or disadvantage anyone, ”the senator explained.

Will the coronavirus epidemic end sooner?

In practice, the subsequent procedure will therefore look like the state takes over the lines and then announces a tender for their operation. The company that wins the tender will operate the lines and supply the state with protective equipment.

With regard to the current development and the expected bureaucratic wheel, it could happen that the production lines will start moving in some of the domestic halls only when we already have a vaccine against covide and we start to defeat the epidemic.

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