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Lucinka’s father couldn’t stand Matuš! The beginnings of the newlyweds’ relationship were tumultuous

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No one trusted their relationship much, and many even made fun of them. However, the singer Bohuš Matuš and his Lucinka showed that they mean it together. A few days ago, they confirmed their love by marriage. But as the young bride’s witness described, the first months of the couple’s relationship were full of various escapades.

Bohuš Matuš and his wife, now Lucinka, had to go through a very difficult period. But he could not only be ridiculed and insulted by some people due to the age difference that separates the couple, but also the disapproval of certain family members and their own disputes. Witness of the bride Monika Sommerová for Express she revealed how turbulent the beginnings of their relationship were.

The relationship began with a lie

The age difference of the spouses was what the public dealt with the most. At the same time, Bohuš himself had no idea in the very beginning how young Lucinka really was. “She lied to him about her age. She claimed she was seventeen. Bohoušek had no idea and was accused of being a pedophile. Complete nonsense. He was upset about that. I don’t think they talked for three months. That’s when I often picked her up, ran away from home and so on. That was the time of the bad, “she said Express to hear the bride’s witness say that she, too, was not so enthusiastic about beginning love. Lucinka was only fourteen or fifteen years old when she met Matuš…

“At that moment, the age difference bothered me, because Lucince was fourteen or fifteen. That sounds weird to me. I can’t think of it now, because I think that love blooms at any age. If someone is older or younger, let’s not judge. But then it bordered on some… I didn’t like it, ”she added.

Dad wasn’t happy either

And the love of his daughter was not approved by the father, who, according to the witness, was really upset. “Lucinka ran out of the house several times. I went for her and brought her home. I watched him go home, but in the end it didn’t happen. It was a difficult period. I think whoever has a daughter will understand that when someone at the age of fifteen runs away from home to someone much older, it’s a problem. I’m not surprised. That’s when I dealt with Lucinka, “said Sommerová.

And, of course, many more people had a problem with their love. But the partners took it really seriously. After a while, they moved in, last year their daughter Natálka was born and a few days ago they finally got married.

The couple have a daughter Natálka together:


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