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Would you recognize this Bárbara Rey who has really sung before the Murcian woman?

This Friday, Tu cara me sona returned with its new nine participants and an eleventh season that predicts many moments of humor, especially from Valeria Ros, Miguel Lago and Juanra Bonet. The presenter of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? has surprised for the worse (or for the better depending on how you look at it) once again.

With the jury of recent years, which is a lineup that is learned by heart: Lolita, Chenoa, Carlos Latre and Ángel Llácer, plus Manel Fuentes as presenter, the Gestmusic format has returned in full form and the first gala featured a winner from Cádiz, the islander Julia Medina. Up close, Raquel Sánchez Silva and her fabulous Nebulossa. The debt It has already been played on the Antena 3 program.

And the most hilarious, grotesque, ‘overwhelming’ moment has been the appearance of Bárbara Rey. On the set there was actually her own Bárbara Rey surprised by the work of… Juanra Bonet. The contest presenter has come up big and, without changing his voice, the truth is, he has put on the seventies model that Totana wore in the Palmarés program to sing the Book of Love. In itself, at the time, it was a surreal performance and this Friday Juanra, with the swing of her skirt in strips, has seduced with her great body and the languid melody of the song.

Bárbara Rey, showing her sense of humor, has applauded her imitator after having advised Bonet, a monarch of laughter. The star has shown, by the way, very good appearance, tAfter having been the center of anger in the competition with the statements of his son, Ángel Cristo, who is participating in Survivors.

Among the memes about Juanra Bonet-Bárbara Rey, some posts on Twitter that understood that she had sneaked into the program after attending Martínez-Almeida’s wedding.

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