Lucinka was strictly banned from getting pregnant. Matus said what would happen

Another ban after postpartum hernia surgery was given to Lucia Matušová by her doctors. At first, she was not allowed to lift her daughter, now he must forget about pregnancy for a while. Bohuš Matuš told the portal “There is no danger of another pregnancy now. Lucinka now has to wait a long time […]

Lucinka has to have an operation, Bohuš Matuš is very worried about his wife!

Lucinka Matušová will not avoid the operating room due to health problems. According to Bohuš Matuš, she went for an examination due to abdominal pain, where it turned out that it would not work without the operation. “She should go to the operation at the end of June. I’m afraid of Lutsk, but I believe […]

Bohuš Matuš and Lucinka announced another novelty! They are moving

According to Matuš, the peaceful life after the wedding is disturbed by the neighbor’s neighbor. It bothers me that the singer trains at home or wants to play the guitar. According to Matuš, the situation is unpleasant and the visitor cannot even bounce to the balcony for a cigarette. Living in a block of flats […]

She finally spoke! What does Lucinka’s mother think about Matuš?

Bohuš Matuš (47) He may have been happier than common sense. If he got together with a young lady who had a little more temperamental and less tolerant parents, he could end up beating into a ball. However, this did not happen, so it seems that Lucinka’s parents had to come to terms with this […]

Bohuš with his newlywed on their wedding night: Lucinka directed it

And they are theirs! Bohuš Matuš and his now wife Lucinka have finally arrived. After years of living together, when their relationship was considered controversial by many due to the thirty-year age difference, they proved to everyone that they take their love seriously and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Show staff […]