Matuš’s panic before Lucinka’s birth: GREAT PAINTER!

“I’ve known from some people for a long time that theaters would close and concerts would be banned. So I was counting on it, and as long as I could, I drove like two people a day to save something and survive the artistic lockdown. Lucinka and I will soon have a baby girl, I […]

Bohuš Matuš in trouble: Will he fulfill the wishes of his Lucinka?

“I didn’t really want that, I don’t want to see Lucinka worrying there, but she wants it, so I have to,” confided Aha! a singer who now has great existential worries. The concerts, which fed him decently, are gradually canceling him. And so he is slowly left with only a business in the musical Love […]

Can’t keep up with a young man? Matuš’s radical decision

He wants to look young and does not hesitate to go through the pain. Bohuš Matuš (47) allegedly began to use the aesthetic services of a Prague clinic. But he did not look for it himself, according to him, the offer came directly from them. “So I thought to myself that if I still play […]