Revolutionary changes in Matuš and Lucie: They have finally arrived!

Bohuš Matuš (48) finally found the perfect place to live! Before the birth of their daughter, they moved to a larger one, but living in a block of flats did not suit them at all. This is also due to a neighbor who was bothered by music and singing. They therefore decided to go so-called […]

Matuš is fulfilling a big dream! But that’s a surprise

The first big news of an age-independent couple is that they finally move to a family house. “We got a house with a garden, we want to give Natynka there a carousel, a swing and a sandpit. A house with a garden is ideal for growing up a child, and we now live in a […]

Bohuš Matuš does not mean that! What about Lucie?

Although Lucie is ordered to rest, according to her husband, everything is well under way. “Everything is fine now. The risks were. But we are already talking about the second child. I would like a boy named Bohoušek. So I believe that everything will go as well as we would like, “ said for ŽivotvČ […]

Lucinka was strictly banned from getting pregnant. Matus said what would happen

Another ban after postpartum hernia surgery was given to Lucia Matušová by her doctors. At first, she was not allowed to lift her daughter, now he must forget about pregnancy for a while. Bohuš Matuš told the portal “There is no danger of another pregnancy now. Lucinka now has to wait a long time […]

Lucie is banned from doctors! Bohuš Matuš talks about big trouble

At first it didn’t seem like such a problem, but as soon as there was a lot of pain, it was clear that it was wrong! Lucy Matušová (18) described the dramatic moments that led to the operating room. “I said I had an umbilical hernia right after giving birth, I just couldn’t figure it […]

Matušova Lucie the target of hate comments: Nezodpovědná matka?

Since Lucie (18) left Natálka at home, because the surgery did not allow her to take full care of her, it recorded in a note those who accused her of committing almost a deadly sin. At least that was the result of some comments on social networks. “I received several reports, even swearing, that I […]

Lucinka has to have an operation, Bohuš Matuš is very worried about his wife!

Lucinka Matušová will not avoid the operating room due to health problems. According to Bohuš Matuš, she went for an examination due to abdominal pain, where it turned out that it would not work without the operation. “She should go to the operation at the end of June. I’m afraid of Lutsk, but I believe […]