Matuš’s panic before Lucinka’s birth: GREAT PAINTER!

“I’ve known from some people for a long time that theaters would close and concerts would be banned. So I was counting on it, and as long as I could, I drove like two people a day to save something and survive the artistic lockdown. Lucinka and I will soon have a baby girl, I […]

Bohuš Matuš in trouble: Will he fulfill the wishes of his Lucinka?

“I didn’t really want that, I don’t want to see Lucinka worrying there, but she wants it, so I have to,” confided Aha! a singer who now has great existential worries. The concerts, which fed him decently, are gradually canceling him. And so he is slowly left with only a business in the musical Love […]

Matuš is shocking again: Drastic operation because of Lucinka!

Bohuš Matuš (46) fell in love with his 29-year-old partner Lucie. His relationship shocked his fans, colleagues, but also people who had never heard of the singer in the past. However, the real bomb was the news that his underage love was expecting a baby with Matuš! Unfortunately, he is so crazy about his partner […]

Can’t keep up with a young man? Matuš’s radical decision

He wants to look young and does not hesitate to go through the pain. Bohuš Matuš (47) allegedly began to use the aesthetic services of a Prague clinic. But he did not look for it himself, according to him, the offer came directly from them. “So I thought to myself that if I still play […]

Shaken »overweight« Lucinka by Matuš: HELL FROM AN Unexpected SIDE

They are said to be a problem Matušovy overly intrusive admirers. “I am forbidden to communicate with female fans. Lucka is worse off of the fan. It’s almost cute to be jealous, but sometimes it’s too much. There had been a bit of conflict before. If it was on Lucca, she would have kicked them […]