Did he hurt Lucinka? I didn’t want to, but…, Matuš repented

“I didn’t want to give birth because I’m such a sensitive soul, but I went because I love Lucinka. It took a long time, the wait. The birth went great. I even cut my umbilical cord. I even cried for a while, and I never cry, “he confided emotionally for the said website. Bohuš Matuš […]

Matuš is shocked again: Child for TROJKA with a man ?!

It was not enough for him that the nation shocked by fertilizing seventeen-year-old Lucinka, whom he had long claimed to be just his friend. Now Bohuš Matuš (47) cut off the people by saying about the conditions under which they will fertilize Lucinka again. You just can’t see this! Bohuš Matuš he revealed the conditions […]

Matuš before giving birth Lucky is scared: Return to alcoholism ?!

“He had a time in his life when he wasted his talent. But now, thanks to Lucinka, it’s like being replaced. If it weren’t for her, God knows how he’d be doing with his career. Maybe she saved his life, who knows. There are a lot of friends from the wet neighborhood who could unhappily […]

Matuš and Lucinka in trouble! COMPLICATIONS before childbirth

Not only during a pandemic, they have to register in advance at the maternity hospital. And for capacity reasons, it is often a problem to get elsewhere. But the planned place failed for this couple in love. “We had a maternity hospital scheduled, but it’s closed now. So we will go where we can, “the […]

He won’t miss anything! Matuš watches over his little girl nicely

Suddenly, after Lucinka’s (17) profile, the ground fell and instead of the fans Matuš served a common instagram profile. He reportedly wants to control all comments, especially from those who comment rudely about the couple. “We have decided to open this account only for those of you who do not judge,” the fans welcome their […]

When a guy rules at home! How does Matuš take care of his little girl?

“We go for walks in the woods regularly. From the found mushrooms, I cooked Lucinka kulajda, which she loves very much. I’m trying to keep Lucka in the fresh air, “he revealed Matuš Super.cz. It can be seen that Bohuš’s help in the household pays off for Lucinka. He also revealed where he took Lucinka […]

Aren’t they wrong? Matuš and Lucinka celebrated prematurely …

Because you’re because of a pandemic Matuš he doesn’t play in musicals for a while, he tries to have at least some brighter experiences with Lucinka (17) in this difficult time. For many, however, he spends time at home with his girlfriend, somewhat strangely. Singer Bohuš Matuš (46) about how Lucinka got pregnant with him […]

Matuš’s panic before Lucinka’s birth: GREAT PAINTER!

“I’ve known from some people for a long time that theaters would close and concerts would be banned. So I was counting on it, and as long as I could, I drove like two people a day to save something and survive the artistic lockdown. Lucinka and I will soon have a baby girl, I […]

Bohuš Matuš in trouble: Will he fulfill the wishes of his Lucinka?

“I didn’t really want that, I don’t want to see Lucinka worrying there, but she wants it, so I have to,” confided Aha! a singer who now has great existential worries. The concerts, which fed him decently, are gradually canceling him. And so he is slowly left with only a business in the musical Love […]