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This is how Aitana prepared for her jump to the movie ‘Wall with Wall’: piano lessons, clumsiness and patience – Trending topic

After a long time of waiting, it has finally been released ‘Wall to Wall’, the Netflix movie starring the father and Fernando Guallar. It is not the artist’s first project as an actress but it is her first film, which has required greater preparation and much more detail than when she was part of the cast of a series. Valentina is her character and it has something to do with her, since she is an artist and annoys her neighbor by playing the piano, although something happens that she did not expect from her and that is that she ends up falling in love with him through wall.

An experience from which The singer has enjoyed the most with her partner, with whom she has shown great complicity. Together they presented the film in front of the press a few days ago and made it clear that it had been a great professional challenge, thanking director Patricia Font for all the patience she had with her and how much she taught her throughout filming.

Aitana and her experience as an actress in ‘Pared con pared’

“It has helped me a lot because in addition I am very intuitive and I told him: ‘here I can improvise and do whatever I want’. In the end it is my first film and the one who has the experience is not me“, expressed Aitana, referring to the director of the film, as reported by Vogue magazine. “She told me: ‘Let’s see, Aitana, this has to be like this and you’re going to do it well, but it has to be as I tell you.’ Goodness. I can only thank you because it has been the only way to follow a more coherent course. I give all the credit for that to Patri,” she made clear.

And she is not the only one who has had to teach her things, because she has also had a piano teacher, Cristina Ledo, to be able to play the protagonist. “I wanted to do as much as I could, but to master classical piano you have to study from the age of three and I study piano, but not classical.“, he commented, “I got stubborn and said that I learned it, it was six pages, and in many plans it is me, but the most technical ones are from her hands. It was impossible,” she explained.

The clumsiness of the protagonist, by Aitana

Another thing that Aitana has been honest about is that, although the character is not very similar to her, she does have some aspects that she has managed to stick with. Among them, clumsiness. “I have not put glasses like Valentina and it is almost better because I have affected her clumsiness”, she confessed, referring to her character’s role when she works in a bar as a waitress. Something that has had to be studied well because she had never worked before making the leap into music, since she entered the ‘Operación Triunfo’ academy when she was only 18 years old and had not yet started her working life beyond helping his father with the accounting of his company.

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