Last day, the number of Covid-19 cases registered in Latvia was corrected again; 4 patients died

In the last 24 hours, 5632 Covid-19 examinations were performed, 259 new infections were registered.

4 Covid-19 infected persons died. In one age group from 45 to 50, but in three age groups from 80 to 90. In total, 52 people infected with Covid-19 have died in Latvia so far.

The proportion of positive cases against those tested is 4.6 percent.

In total, 4467 persons became ill with Covid-19 in Latvia and 1357 recovered.

The SPCC has previously explained that this figure is considered important in the European Union, as above 3%, the spread of the disease is considered to be rapid and uncontrolled.

Data from the National Health Service show that 27 new Covid-19 patients were hospitalized during the past day. This figure is close to the negative record recorded on October 21, when 31 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized.

Yesterday, 13 patients were discharged from Latvian hospitals, thus a total of 127 patients are treated in hospitals, of whom 119 have a moderate course of the disease and eight have a severe course of the disease.

Since the appearance of Covid-19, a total of 322 patients have been discharged from hospitals, including both recovered and deceased.

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