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Neighbor’s 90-Year-Old Grandmother Offers Him 5 Million Yuan Property: What Should He Do?

A netizen occasionally took care of his neighbor’s 90-year-old grandmother. One day, the grandmother came to him and said that as long as he agreed to one condition, she would donate more than 5 million yuan of property to him. (Illustration/photo taken from Unsplash)

Some netizens posted that their neighbor’s grandmother is almost 90 years old. Because she is not married, has no children, and has no other relatives, she will ask him for help when she encounters things she cannot do or goes to the hospital. Recently, his grandma suddenly told him that she hoped to leave him a property worth 5 million yuan, and made a request that he hoped he could do. He couldn’t help but feel excited and scared, so he posted a message on the Internet asking for help, “What should I do?”

A netizen posted an article on an anonymous commune, saying that he has a neighbor who is about 90 years old. Because she is not married, her younger brothers and sisters have also passed away, and she is alone in the world. Although my grandma could take care of herself, occasionally she would come to him for help when she encountered something she couldn’t do or had to go to the hospital.

The original PO said that his grandmother came to him a few days ago with a farmer’s association passbook, hoping that he would accompany him to the farmers’ association to brush the passbook. Unexpectedly, after the grandmother finished brushing the passbook, she actually asked the original PO to open an account at the farmers’ association. She wanted to All the savings of more than 5 million yuan were transferred to the original PO’s account, which shocked the original PO and the farmers’ association staff.

The original PO said that his grandma made a condition to him, hoping that after she passes away, the original PO would remember to visit her grave on important days such as her death anniversary and Qingming Festival. Although the original PO refused at the moment, he also admitted that “mainly because he was afraid of not knowing whether he would cause trouble” because: “To be honest, I am just an ordinary person. When I see more than 5 million yuan being given to me, of course I will be moved. .” Therefore, he asked netizens how to handle this matter.

Netizens saw what happened to him and expressed their approval of the original PO accepting it, but they must remember to do what they promised to grandma, “Grandma is willing to leave the money to you, which shows that you are usually very good to grandma. If you can fulfill grandma’s request, you can accept it. This money is a good relationship between you.” “She only hopes that a hundred years later, someone can look at her… She believes that what you do will be better than her so-called My relatives are fine.”

But there are also many people who remind you, “After you accept it, you need to keep the certificate and find a notary to protect yourself.”

Others suggested, “Take grandma to the bank to name you as the “trust beneficiary” of her account. This way, grandma can manage her own money while she is still alive. After she passes away, it will naturally be yours. In this way, there will be no problems. Whatever the problem, there is legal protection. Grandma’s money was not passed on to you until she passed away. The bank should be able to help you with this, so you don’t need to go to a lawyer or anything.”

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