“It is impossible to spread the virus only among young people” – Wel.nl

It was known from the start of the corona crisis: autumn would be tough. And it will. The virus’s predicted summer dip was even shorter than expected and hoped for. In France and certainly Spain the figures are serious. Are they a harbinger of what awaits the Netherlands?

In Spain, 162 people died of the virus yesterday. There were more than 11,000 infections in 24 hours. They expect a sharp increase in the number of hospital admissions, especially in the Madrid region. The situation is not much better in France. A few days ago, 95 percent of the ic beds in the Marseille region were already occupied.

In the Netherlands it remains quiet in hospitals, mainly because the virus first travels among young people before it spreads to the elderly again. “It starts in people in their twenties and increases to enormous numbers. In that case, not much happens in hospitals, ”says epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning to Nieuwsuur. “Then a wave follows after a month or two.”

Bruijning expects the Netherlands to follow the same pattern as other countries. “We’ve seen this happen a month or two ago in the US. It also started there with people in their twenties and it was not too bad, but after that hospital admissions increased. It turns out that it is not possible to keep the virus under control in one population group – such as the young people. “


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