The US plans to sell weapons to Taiwan for seven billion dollars, warns of Chinese power

The delivery is expected to be the second largest in history after last year’s $ 8 billion arms deal. According to Bonnie Glaser, an expert on China from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, it should be a supply of naval mines, anti-ship missiles with a flat flight path to defend the coast and drones.

“These supplies will support Taiwan’s overall defense concept, which focuses on the use of asymmetric conventional forces optimized to resist the invasion of the Chinese People’s Army,” Glaser said.

Washington has long urged Taiwan to acquire cheaper and more mobile weapons that could allow it to wage a guerrilla war even if China destroyed the Taiwanese navy and air force, blinded electronics, and landed on the island.

However, Taiwan demanded other types of weapons, especially F-16 fighters, with which it can respond to Chinese naval and air exercises in Taiwan. In the event of a conflict, he is threatened by Chinese superiority.

Chinese threats are growing

On Wednesday, two Chinese anti-submarine planes circled between Taiwan and Pratas Atoll in the South China Sea, which belongs to Taiwan. It is a key area for the protection of Taiwan’s airspace. The Chinese Navy and Air Force undertook two-day maneuvers in the same area last week, which Taipei called a provocation.

Joint exercise of the US and Australian navies in the South China Sea

Foto: Petty Officer 3rd Class Nicholas, Reuters

Two weeks ago, the Pentagon warned in an annual report that the Chinese military had overtaken the United States in the number of warships and ground missiles and anti-aircraft systems. The Chinese navy has 350 ships in service, while the US has only 293. By the end of the year, there will be 360 ​​on the Chinese side and mostly modern multi-purpose. The US is ahead of the aircraft carriers, which have ten, while China has only two smaller ones, but American ships cannot approach the Chinese coast full of anti-ship missiles.

China has already beaten the United States in some areas. Over the past two decades, it has concentrated resources, technology, and political will to strengthen and modernize the military in every way, ”the Pentagon report said. The Pentagon also admitted in a report that it was wrong to reject a possible threat from China twenty years ago. The turnaround came ten years ago under President Barack Obama.

According to Deputy US Secretary of Defense for China Chad Sbragia, Beijing “is increasingly confident in achieving the goal of having a world-class army by 2049.” It is already threatening the chain of the nearest islands, ie Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. China places unsubstantiated claims on 90 percent of the South China Sea.

America is asleep

“Honestly, America was asleep while China was growing,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, according to the government website. At the same time, at a time of escalating tensions between China and India in Kashmir and Ladakh, he stressed that the combined strength of the West and its allies is greater than that of China. “The crucial thing is that we have friends and allies in this battle,” he told Fox News. In addition to the USA, he also mentioned Australia and India.

Indian drought in the Ladakh region

Foto: Danish Siddiqui, Reuters

He added on Tuesday that many allies are beginning to consider their dependence on China. He also said that the view of China in the American population is changing. He also denied that the US was in decline, so a conflict between the US and the PRC is inevitable.

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