It is difficult, Bagárová said about the separation with Muradov. She is alone with the child

Favorite SuperStar singer and jury Monika Bagárová has not had it easy lately. Her partner, an MMA wrestler, Machmud Muradov, now spends most of her time in Uzbekistan, where he founded his own organization. The care of little Ruminka thus remains primarily on Monica. She admits that it is difficult, but she wants to support Murad in his dreams.

Muradov announced in the spring that in Uzbekistan he founded his own MMA organization TAMERLAN. And while she works in her home country, his partner Monika Bagárová takes care of their daughter Ruminka herself. She is still working on it, in addition to the juror of the singing show SuperStar, for example, she collaborates with the band SLZA, with which she releases a new song Červánky.

Despite all the harness, however, he refuses help in the form of a professional nanny. Only her parents, who come to her from Brno, help her with Ruminka. However, the singer can manage herself and combine motherhood with working life is not a problem for her, as evidenced by her contributions on the instagram.

But separating from Muradov is difficult for her. “We call several times every day, so we’re always in touch. Of course, separation is never easy. It’s difficult and of course we’re sad,” the singer told the interview.

Nevertheless, he supports his partner’s project. “I support him in everything he does, in his dreams. Every time he returns, he makes up for it to the maximum and it’s very beautiful. Of course, when he leaves, we cry, but we are looking forward to each other again,” she added.

He denies that their relationship is going through a crisis. “Maybe it could have been because my partner was away for a long time, but we’re family and we stick together, we’re together and I honestly don’t even know where these speculations came about that it shouldn’t be,” she explained.

In the spring, Bagárová and Muradov were separated for more than two months. In addition to work duties, he was also detained by travel restrictions and family reasons. “At the beginning I had a problem flying away, but then someone got sick at home and I had to be there, that’s why I stayed there for so long,” the wrestler revealed at the end of April.



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