How long do you need to be in the sun for enough vitamin D? –

In the dark winter months you run much more risk of a vitamin D deficiency. After all, you need the sun to produce it. But how much sun exactly?

Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium from food. It is therefore important for strong bones and teeth, writes the Nutrition Center. The vitamin also helps the muscles to function properly and strengthens your immune system.

We get 80 percent of all vitamin D from the sun. The elderly, people with a dark skin color, children and people who spend a lot of time indoors run the risk of a shortage in the winter months.

That, while you really do not have to be in the sun for long. Expose 5 percent of your body to the sun for 15 minutes a day and your deficit is resolved. Your face and your hands are therefore sufficient. Longer than 20 minutes makes no sense. You do not produce even more vitamin D.



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