Hans Croiset at protest of actors during Chamber debate on culture – Wel.nl

About ten artists demonstrate at the entrance of the House of Representatives. On Monday he will talk to culture minister Ingrid van Engelshoven about art policy in the next four years. The demonstrators explained a runner, made of theater posters, in front of the Chamber building on the Square.

Among the demonstrators is 84-year-old actor Hans Croiset, two-time winner of the prestigious Louis d’Or stage prize. “I am not here for myself, because I have had a richly subsidized life. I am here for all those self-employed persons,” says Croiset. He advocates a collective labor agreement for all actors. Actress Anne-Wil Blankers (79) says that the art world will need 1.5 billion euros in the near future.

From 2021 to 2024, the Cabinet has to forgive nearly 200 million per year for the basic infrastructure or BIS. The Council for Culture wants to give more institutions with an innovative offer the opportunity, sometimes at the expense of established and valued institutions, such as the Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam. That this almost 75-year-old company must die in the system already caused a lot of commotion. The Council also advocated organizations outside the Randstad and, among other things, the fields of pop music, musical, e-culture, regional museums and design.

The cultural world has long had to shut down because of the outbreak of the corona virus. The rooms are only allowed to receive a limited audience again. In connection with the corona crisis, the House will also talk on Monday about additional support for the cultural and creative sector. The loss of public and business income will reach 2.6 billion in 2020, the interest group Arts ’92 announced last week.

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