News Governor delivers aid to families affected by gale

Governor delivers aid to families affected by gale


Families affected by heavy winds and rains in the municipality of Manatí began to receive aid from the Atlantic Government for the repair of damaged homes.

The Governor of the Atlantic, Elsa Noguera, assured that construction materials such as fiber cement tiles and trestles, wooden slats, food and cleaning kits are being delivered.

From the moment of the emergency, the Departmental Administration, in association with the municipal coordinators of Risk Management and Civil Defense, activated the contingency plan and provided support to the affected families. The census carried out in the area identified 1,014 affected families in this southern Atlantic population.

“We are in Manatí, serving more than a thousand families that were affected by the strong gale that left houses abandoned and many of them destroyed. We get construction materials so that they can rebuild their homes and regain tranquility and hope. This shows that when we work as a team with the mayors, the Civil Defense and the Unit for Risk Management, it is possible to mitigate the difficulties that people are going through much more quickly and more easily, ”said Noguera.

The delivery day began this Saturday morning at the Manatí Normal Educational Institution, where three beneficiaries met, the department’s undersecretary for Disaster Prevention and Care, Candelaria Hernández; the municipal mayor, Evaristo Olivero, and the municipality’s planning secretary, Ulises Barraza.

The departmental president stressed that this work is possible after arduous management before the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management, an entity that contributes to solving the problems caused by the climate phenomenon that affected several municipalities in the department, especially Manatí .

Last Thursday the aid required for both Manatí and the municipalities of Santo Tomás, Palmar de Varela, Malambo, Ponedera and Sabanalarga, also affected by gales, arrived.



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