Does diet determine whether you become seriously ill from Covid-19? –

Why is contamination with Corona annoying for one person, but not a big deal and why does the other end up in hospital or die? Belgian researchers believe they have discovered an explanation: your diet.

“Almost all patients who would eventually become seriously ill or even die in hospital were found to be seriously deficient in selenium on zink in their blood.” According to research led by Professor Gijs Du Laing, nutrition can make a big difference. Among the Covid patients who failed, seven in ten were severely deficient in both selenium and zinc. Patients who did not have this deficiency or in whom it was less pronounced survived Covid-19 more often and healed more quickly. “They were clearly less seriously ill.” A selenium or zinc deficiency in the blood during hospitalization turned out to be a more important risk factor than the occurrence of diabetes, cancer, obesity or cardiovascular disease.

Du Laing and his colleagues are not alone with that theory. A similar study was previously published in Germany. There too, it turned out that the levels of selenium and zinc in the blood of Covid patients were remarkably strongly related to how great their chances of survival were. “And in China, it was already discovered that regions where people have enough selenium in the blood, have much fewer Covid deaths”.

Selenium and zinc are both abundant in meat and fish.

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