Did she forgive him? Hairy tears because of Dolansky

Although it might seem that the two did not need a wedding to live, the opposite was true. According to the Expres.cz website, Lenka Veselková wanted to move the relationship further. And then finally came the right time to talk about it. “We were alone for a week in a cottage without children. We started talking about it at one dinner, “ described the situation of an actress who had dreamed of marriage for many years. And although her husband asked for her hand several times today, they never made it to the end. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened at the last negotiation if there were no tears.

“It was about Thursday, and on Monday I started asking Honza if we were going to arrange it, and Jenda asked me: Why? Which made me cry. ” admitted the actress according to the said website.

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Finally a wedding

“So I took her hand and said, ‘We’re going.’ added his wife in the talk show 7 Falls of Honza Dědek Dolanský. And he acted immediately.

“We planned it on Friday, the mayor was surprised, he said he didn’t have a registrar there. There was a crowd in a lady who ended up there, retired and told us that this was the worst thing that could have happened to her, “added the actor, who is finally satisfied that they legalized their relationship. What about his wife!

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