Dolanský’s mother turns every crown: A small pension because of ….

“I always thought I was born for it and I must say that I feel only half of me. I miss acting terribly. So I moved away from acting that I don’t have a dream role anymore, I’m always happy when I can play a small role, “ said Dolanská Jan Dolanský’s mother in […]

SERIES NEW: M * A * S * H ​​in Czech with stellar cast

He wanted to try to live modestly, so in 2018 he took off the coat of Dr. David Hofbauer from the Blue Code. “I didn’t have time for anything else, I learned a quantum of text every week and over time the character of David began to bend under the weight of the scripts, I […]

Dolanský and his end in Slunečná: It’s out! WHY HE HAD TO DIE!

The sympathetic rascal Jakub Javůrek from the Slunečná farm has entered the hearts of spectators. Even the representative of Týna Popelková wept for his touching departure, when he mixed a deadly cocktail of herbs from a shaman due to a brain tumor. Even though everyone knew from the beginning how Cuba would end. From side […]

Did she forgive him? Hairy tears because of Dolansky

Although it might seem that the two did not need a wedding to live, the opposite was true. According to the website, Lenka Veselková wanted to move the relationship further. And then finally came the right time to talk about it. “We were alone for a week in a cottage without children. We started […]

New Sunny character: Women, look forward to it!

New character in the series Sunny. Brother Tony, played by Roman Tomeš (32), will be played by Jan Dolanský (42), whose character Jakub was released from prison. The very first steps lead to the farm. “My brothers stole cars together. Jakub, whom I represent, probably took on most of it, “said Dolanský about the character. […]

Sad news in the Dolanský family: father Zdeněk died († 68)

“Our dad, Zdenda Dolanský, left yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much to everyone who called you, and all of you who loved him, remember him and have something good. If it will be possible to organize at least a small event, for example in cooperation with the Municipal Theaters of Prague, we will contact you, […]

Zdeněk Dolanský died. The actor shone in TV series Nova

Zdeněk Dolanský decided to study acting only in high school. He was not accepted for the first time, so he spent a year as a prop in the Municipal Theaters of Prague and in the Chamber Theater. He was accepted to DAMU the following year. After graduating in 1975, he went with several classmates to […]