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Persipura is still awaited, there is a possibility that it will be written off


Executive Committee (OC) Menpora Cup 2021 still waiting Persipura Jayapura to register. Mutiara Hitam is expected to follow or will be removed.

Persipura It is known that he did not register through the words of the Chairman of PSSI Mochamad Iriawan when giving his remarks before the drawing Menpora Cup, Monday (8/3/2021). However, Persipura was still included in the draw and got to fill Group A.

“We will still participate in Persipura (drawing). We will keep waiting. They are having trouble gathering players,” said Iriawan.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the OC of Menpora Cup, Akhmad Hadian Lukita, will continue to look forward to it Persipura. However, there is a time limit, namely until next week.

Understandably, the certainty of the number of participants must be known before kick off on 21 March. This means that in less than two weeks this pre-season tournament will roll out soon.

“From the results of communication with various parties including us, they are indeed having trouble gathering players. And it’s still being worked on, that’s why we still put Persipura in the drawing,” said Lukita.

“Maybe we will wait for a week. Next week we will have a meeting. Communication is still going on. The results of the drawings are already there. If you really can’t participate, they will be written off. Anyway, we are trying to move forward together,” said the alumnus of the Bandung Institute of Technology. .

The Mutiara Hitam Team has not been assembled since announcing the disbandment on January 6. To the extent that, Jacksen F. Tiago resigned from the chair of coach because his fate hangs in the pride club of the Papuan people.

“The team has been disbanded. So that all team components are relieved of their duties,” said Jacksen when confirmed detikSport about his departure from Persipura in early March.

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