Cyberpunk 2077 Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Today, February 15, at 4:00 p.m. CD Projekt RED is going to do a live show to tell us things and these things can (should) finally come out in the new generation.

Everything will happen on your channel Twichbut due to the leaks that are appearing, it will only be about the Microsoft platform, the Xbox Series X | S, a revenge of CD Project Red to Sony for withdrawing the game from the camouflaged store as a temporary exclusive?

From what he has been able to extract from the code, it seems to confirm it as it is and that the people of Playstation have to wait a little longer, something that seems to me a disservice to the image that CD Project Red has to recover for its consumers, who, as I have bought the game even twice.

Although it has been known for a few weeks thanks also to a leak that the data of a digital version for PSN of the game indicated that it was different from the one that was currently available and that it had a different cover:

what can we expect

CD Project Red has the opportunity to redeem itself, to apologize for what was a game fiasco for everyone who bought it on PS4 and Xbox One, for me it’s not worth them coming out and announcing how well it’s doing now on consoles new generation because you are already able to run the game well and that now I can see it with more brightness, reflections and flashes they will not erase me from my mind as after ten minutes of starting it on PS4 I took out the disc and deleted the game, to later buy it on PC and be able to play in an impressive but empty cardboard city.

I need:

· A redesigned and optimized version for all the people of the 8th generation.

· A DLC with a new plot story of at least 10 hours.

· I need real NPC’s, a city full of people who are closer to being zombies than characters with whom to interact minimally

· I need that if I live in a city full of buildings, stalls and shops, I can enter them and interact.

· I need to be able to decorate and manage the apartment and to be able to buy others, similar to the SIM’s, because since they give me a place where I can “make life” the less I can change elements of them.

· If it is an action RPG, I need it to behave as such.

I do not need:

· I don’t need Ray Tracing, the glitter that makes me see the city better won’t make me like it more because it will continue to be a cardboard decoration where you can’t enter or interact in 99% of the places, it’s not an improvement.

· I don’t need aesthetic DLC’s, this is bullshit because for me that’s not DLC’s no matter how much they fall within the category of downloadable content, in videogames we understand that they are expansions of the games that add more adventures and expand the universe of the game.

Just a year ago we talked about all this:

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