The Tradin function does not drill into the iPhone. Mon u never, Apple would test it

The year was 2017, when the first iPhone arrived on the market without the traditional circular Home button, or rather with the 5s Touch ID model. It was called the X model, which started a new iPhone design. True, in 2020 the company introduced a new generation of cheap SE model, which has a Touch ID, but this feature has not yet found a new way into Apple’s mainstream.

And despite many speculations, when the coronavirus pandemic contributed to the return of the Touch ID to the iPhone, which, due to the duty to have a nose and nose covered by a veil and respirator, pointed to the limited usability of recognizing Face ID, this will not happen this year either. And probably never in the future. According to the American portal iMore Mark Gurman from the American company Bloomberg said, according to which the Cupertin company to the fingerprint, should be implemented directly into the display, for example, after the example of top android competitors.

Even though the latest Power On Gurman newsletter changed that Apple is testing displays that could once return the Touch ID to the iPhone. Gurman is a bag of persuasion, the EU flagship model with the traditional teka fingerprint never discovered it. Instead, Apple can focus on improving the Face ID feature. So you implement it directly into the display.

Therefore, expect from the upcoming iPhones 13 (and potential 12s) diversified in the form of Touch ID is not according to Gurman in the city. Apple, on the other hand, should work on improving the Face ID function, for which it would be obligatory to cover the user’s face, it should not be a deadly check. This means that you will be prompted for a password quickly when recognizing the area covered by the hood or respirator, or the ability to unlock the phone via the user’s Apple Watch.

Clearly, however, it will bring in and officially premiere the fifteenth generation of the iPhone, which Apple should present in the usual deadline (see just don’t smell him. Apple should return to the usual term of the premiere). And we should see the new generations of iPads, MacBook Pros, watches and AirPods headphones before Christmas.

According to the Taiwanese daily Digitimes, it should be held in the spirit of a series of online press conferences. However, the world of media should be suspended above darkness, for which the company should choose such a procedure. So call the server’s forecast unlikely, even with reference to its poor reputation, which information about anyone is not relevant.

There is practically no reason why Apple should overwhelm the media with a few live premieres, not to manage either one important event, even if it keeps this mc only on iPhones and then introduced the rest of the news a msc later, ie in June.



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