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Following the publication in the Official Journal of April 3, 2021, of decree n ° 2021-384 of April 2, 2021, amending decrees n ° 2020-1262 of October 16, 2020 and n ° 2020-1310 of October 29, 2020, prescribing the measures general measures necessary to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic, as part of the state of health emergency, including various measures aimed at curbing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This new prefectural decree maintains the provisions aimed at prohibiting the consumption of alcohol on public roads and spaces, and the organization of flea markets, clearance sales, garage sales, unpacking sales.
Added to this is the ban on broadcasting amplified music on public roads and spaces.
It should be noted that the new decree now provides throughout the metropolitan area for the prohibition of the take-away sale of alcoholic beverages on public roads as well as, when it is not accompanied by the sale of meals, in public areas. restaurants, drinking establishments and hotels,
With regard to open or covered markets, this new decree also provides that only food businesses or those offering the sale of plants, flowers, seeds, fertilizers, seeds, and plants of fruit or vegetable species are authorized.


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