Court in France ruled death from COVID-vaccine suicide

In France, vaccination was equated with suicide

The judge took the side of the insurance company, which refused to pay insurance to the children of a millionaire who died after being vaccinated.

In France, the case of a wealthy elderly Parisian businessman who insured his life for many millions and died from COVID-vaccination caused a great resonance. The insurance company refused to pay money to the relatives of the deceased, and the court recognized the correctness of the company, reports Our Central Europe.

Doctors admitted that the man’s death was the result of vaccination. After that, the insurance company refused to pay the family money, because the insurance policy excludes the use of experimental drugs and treatments, including vaccination against coronavirus.

The family sued the insurance company, but lost. The judge ruled that the side effects of the experimental vaccine were made public and the deceased could not claim to be unaware of them when he voluntarily took the vaccine. The court also stressed that in France there is no law that forced him to be vaccinated.

“Therefore, his death, in fact, is a suicide,” the court ruled.

The insurance company noted that suicide, like death from an experimental drug, is not an insured event.

Earlier it was reported that in New Zealand 26-year-old man died shortly after vaccination from coronavirus drug company Pfizer. The authorities blamed the COVID drug for the death of a person.

Also in Croatia, a 33-year-old man died due to thrombosis after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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  1. That’s rather peculiar, because Europeon govts’ official position is that the shots have no known side-effects, certainly none that are lethal.

    Hope the EuroPEONS are sitting up and taking notice, but… doubt it.

  2. Richard Wicks is right though, no? We don’t know the name of the man, the court, the judge, the lawyers, the doctors or who even wrote the article lol. That’s legit!

  3. Yeah. No names, no links… no credibility?
    Possible, plausible, etc. Insurance Companies and Medical Aid Schemes are mostly just that – Schemes to make themselves rich! You can trust no-one. You can believe and trust in God.

  4. Asking for references while hiding under your bed with a mask on after taking your 5th shot. That’s a good one.

  5. The vague allegations in this article are shameful. More than 10 BILLION vaccinations/boosters have been given with overwhelming success and nearly zero deaths. Millions of lives have been saved.

  6. I’m in the middle with this one. It’s probably 100 but it’s true you did yourself a disservice without at least a name (I could do the rest). Try following for vetted data, in this day of lies upon lies, it’s a duty to secure the article with at least the interested party’s name or the court docket number/sheet/ruling, judges name or something.
    Nevertheless, it is probably legit because, legally the act is considered an offer, although there wasn’t equal consideration it appears to be a tacit agreement. People actually left the comfort and safety of their homes 🙂 (trying not to laugh) to put their healthy-selves in danger because … they haven’t God within, so TV (fear) rules. Let’s see what they do in the name of Ukraine and “PENDING WAR”!

  7. You miss the point here, WHO created the pandemic? Moderna + Pfizer. They both mass produced the vaccine before the pandemic even happened. To artificially create the sickness so they can kill the people + get healthy people sick and then sell their vaccine mass produced beforehand. Open your god damn eyes and listen to the good people who are crying out loud, suffering. The billionaires don’t care if you die or get sick from their GREED and it’s their AGENDA to kill you.

  8. No one will ever agree on this subject, however, I hope that all of those who lost a loved one after they were vaccinated will come forward and testify. The evidence is there, I personally have many testimonies to give if someone needs them, these are real ppl that they are having one side effect after another and is devastating to see, and I knew them before so I’m not making this up. When ppl will start making the connection we are going to have a lot of sad, angry people all around us, the ones that didn’t take the jab… God have mercy on all of us!!!

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