Chinese vaccine is barely more than 50 percent effective –

The corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac is only 50.4 percent effective, according to the latest Brazilian study.

That is much less than previous data showed and hardly more than the 50 percent required to be approved.

Due to the high number of corona infections, Brazil chose to purchase the Chinese vaccine that was available more quickly. Other countries, such as Indonesia, Turkey and Singapore, have also placed orders for the Chinese drug.

Earlier this week, researchers at the Butantan Institute said the vaccine was 78 percent effective in mild to severe cases of Covid-19. However, if very mild infections are also included, the effectiveness drops to just over 50 percent. However, the scientists emphasize that the vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing moderate to severe infections.

Researchers come up with varying results when it comes to the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine. Turkish scientists said last month that the drug was more than 91 percent effective, but according to their colleagues in Indonesia, that percentage was only more than 65 percent.

The Chinese vaccine has been criticized from the start. It wouldn’t meet the same standards of scientific research and transparency as Western vaccines.

Bron (nen): BBC


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