“Charles III Coronation Fashion: Royal Dress Code Gets More Relaxed”

Saturday’s coronation of Charles III. around 2,000 guests took part directly in Westminster Abbey. For most of them, it was a unique opportunity to bring out the lavish robes and beautiful uniforms. However, according to royal protocol, guests could also wear more relaxed models.

Sumptuous dress tailored to strict regulations or court uniform. In the opinion of Charles III. that style no longer belongs to the modern royal court, and Saturday’s coronation was proof of that. “The king proclaimed that the dress code should be more relaxed,” explained fashion designer and stylist Lukáš Macháček.

The men wore jackets and uniforms, and the women wore day dresses, which, according to experts, should still meet the basic rules of etiquette. “For such an event, women should wear longer dresses, below the knees. And covered shoulders. As for men, they should either wear a black or dark blue tuxedo. Or a suit,” explained stylist Jakub Feranec.

Nor were traditional hats and fascinators, i.e. extravagant hair ornaments, a requirement. “I think a lot of ladies and women have taken advantage of it, which I think is beautiful. Because it’s such a touch compared to the classic dress code,” Macháček enjoyed.

In addition to the nobles, celebrities also appeared at the coronation, presenting their fashion pieces. “Lionel Richie made the most of some decorative element in the form of a brooch, which actually evokes a bit of royalty,” said Macháček.

Singer Katy Perry again dazzled with a pink dress. “Of course, she had a distinctive necklace. It was made of pearls with the typical and iconic logo of Vivienne Westwood, which is also a typical British designer,” added Macháček.

According to the stylists, however, there were also fashion blunders at the coronation. “The worst outfit was the wife of the former British prime minister. She wore a floral dress. For me, it would be more suitable for some horse racing,” Feranec is clear. Czech President Petr Pavel and First Lady Eva Pavlova were also invited to the coronation. She wore a model by Beata Rajská called Šeřík.

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2023-05-06 18:49:00
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