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NEW SLOGAN: The majority of the Hammerfest city council has now voted for the introduction of the new slogan “Sappi che æ elske dæ”. Photo: Gabriel Aas Skålevik / VG Hammerfest politicians dusted off an old pop hit when they adopted their new slogan. Published: Less than 1 hour ago On Thursday, Hammerfest City Council […]

Anglet Hormadi wins the clash with Nice, before the break (2-4)

From kick-off Anglet comes into play in an excellent way. On a perfect serve from Fabien Kazarine, Czech defender Michal Gutwald rushes to the far post and takes the chance, but Isaac Charpentier makes a phenomenal save in the shoulder to avoid Angloye’s opening score. Good in the holes, in pressing and in the neutral […]

New York Marathon 2022 – LIVE – Results – Sports Info – Skiing

… … 50,000 participants at the start The record for the men’s event is still held by Geoffrey Mutai (KEN) in 2 hours, 5 minutes and 5 seconds in 2011. For women, the record was set in 2003 by Kenyan Margaret Okayo in 2 hours, 22 minutes and 31 seconds. … Monitoring and results LIVE […]

The air in Bucharest has been toxic for over 24 hours

The air in Bucharest has been toxic for over 24 hours. Representatives of the environmental guard say residential heating is among the polluters. This means that toxic smoke has been coming out of the chimneys in the last few hours. People admit that they have started warming up with almost everything – from painted and […]

Energy saving, Sintef | These energy saving measures have no effect in practice

High electricity prices made Norwegians think about saving electricity. According to Electric hub Household electricity consumption in southern priced areas decreased by up to 16 percent compared to 2021 and to 21 percent compared to 2020. An important reason for the reduction in consumption is the enormous increase in demand for heat pumps, many of […]