THE BALL – Fernando Santos defends himself from being a “result” and gives examples of Benfica, PSG and Guardiola (Selection)

There have been many criticisms of the alleged poor quality of the national team’s game, but this Friday, in an interview with Sport TV, Fernando Santos defended himself and also exemplified with Benfica (with praise to Roger Schmidt), Paris Saint-Germain and Pep Guardiola. “To be successful is to win and there is no one who … Read more

Energy saving, Sintef | These energy saving measures have no effect in practice

High electricity prices made Norwegians think about saving electricity. According to Electric hub Household electricity consumption in southern priced areas decreased by up to 16 percent compared to 2021 and to 21 percent compared to 2020. An important reason for the reduction in consumption is the enormous increase in demand for heat pumps, many of … Read more

The British pound falls after the Bank of England raised its key interest rate

BT will increase its cost savings target by one fifth and continue to raise inflation-related prices in 2023 for most customers in an effort to mitigate rising energy costs and inflation. “We remain focused on modernizing and simplifying the BT group,” BT chief executive Philip Janssen said Thursday. “Given the current hyperinflationary environment, including rising … Read more

Due to the crisis, loan applications increase by 12% – El Sol de San Juan del Río

This year, 20 percent of workers affiliated with the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) took up bank loans in San Juan del Río, which is 12 percent more than last year. The general secretary of the trade union body, Dimas Peralta Alegría announced that last year 8% of the representatives asked for support … Read more

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday: an extra hour to sleep

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, giving many an extra hour of sleep. This weekend, daylight saving time ends and standard time comes into effect. Standard time starts on Sunday at 2:00 local time and lasts until March 12. Take the opportunity to catch up on sleep and remember to turn the clocks back an … Read more