Has Call of Duty’s New Dog Skin Loyal Samoyed Been Stolen?

For example, concept artist Sail Lin does not like that this Loyal Samoyed cosmetic is put in the game. Sail claims that it was stolen from Samoye Medical, work by Lin that has been on the ArtStation website since 2019. We are curious where it will lead, because in itself a Samoyed is simply a […]

More than 30,000 visitors experience the Sparrenburg Festival

With 14,000 visitors, Saturday was the strongest of a castle festival weekend so far. A good 30,000 paying visitors experienced the medieval spectacle, and another 15 percent were added: children who were allowed to attend the castle festival free of charge. In addition, on Friday evening all visitors were able to enter the site free […]

Buy Pertalite Using MyPertamina Cancel Valid Today

Jakarta – Purchases of subsidized Pertalite and Solar will be limited. The previous news stated that the Pertalite and Solar restrictions were effective from August 2022. Is it true that the Pertalite restrictions apply today, Monday (1/8/2022)? PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary PT Pertamina Patra Niaga asserted, as of today, restrictions on the purchase […]

REPORTAGE. Chef Viktor Örn Andrésson praises the flavors of Iceland

The breeze rushes into the small port of Stykkisholmur, west of Iceland. Bins full of fresh fish, worktops, a barbecue and various sauces pile up in an ephemeral open-air kitchen. Curious people follow the precise gestures of chef Viktor Örn Andrésson: “The part where the redfish are cut is marked by a small bump, you […]

Protesters in Iraq parliament do not plan to leave

Reuters NOS News•yesterday, 20:56 For the second day in a row, the parliament in the Iraqi capital Baghdad is occupied by protesters. These are hundreds of followers of the influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Yesterday they pulled down the security walls around the building in the highly secured Green Zone and stormed the building by […]

In the first semester of 2022, 114 people with dengue fever were recorded in Kapuas Hulu

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – Based on data from public health OfficePopulation Control and Family Planning, District Kapuas Huluon Saturday 30 July 2022, there are 114 children in Kapuas Hulu suffer from disease Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) due to bites mosquito. The Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Health Office, Population Control and Family Planning of Kapuas Hulu […]