“Do not use PostePay at 2 am”: the incredible why

Using PostePay is a common practice, precisely because the rechargeable card is useful in many situations. But at night, some misunderstandings could happen. Not just online shopping: PostePay is really useful on many occasions. It is accepted in shops, supermarkets, in all commercial activities, and obviously at the Postamat it is possible withdraw cash in […]

– This is the reason for the lack of Russian success

Of the 150,000 Russian soldiers deployed in the invasion, the Pentagon estimates that about 10 percent have been killed or injured in the fighting. This may mean that the Russian losses have reached a critical level, something few could have foreseen one month ago. – What explains their strength? – Everyone is surprised at how […]

Extraliga types: HC Slovan Bratislava – HC Prešov 6: 2 (play-off)

yesterday 20:25 | Slovana Bratislava hockey players won the opening match of the Tipos extra league quarter over HC Prešov 6: 2 and took the lead in the series. The second duel is on the program again on Saturday in Bratislava. – Read also Zvolen won the first piece to defend the title, a turn […]