iPhone SE 3 2022 battery life test, will it last longer than the iPhone 13 mini?

INFOSEMARANGRAYA.COM – Want to buy iPhone SE 3 2022? Check out the battery life test first iPhone SE 3 2022 the following. Is it more durable than iPhone 13 mini? iPhone SE 3 2022 which has been officially released with price affordable selling makes many people vying to have it. Especially with price affordable, iPhone […]

The taxman is demanding $ 31,000 from Pastor Mukendi’s wife

The financial troubles of the wife of fugitive pastor Paul Mukendi continue while the Agence du Revenu Québec is claiming more than $31,000 in unpaid taxes. • Read also: On the run in Congo, Mukendi could continue to evade justice • Read also: [VIDÉO] Sentenced to eight years in prison: “I will not return to […]

Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone hardware subscription service

iPhones and other Apple devices have become increasingly expensive, and the company may be using alternative sales models to help soften the blow. Bloomberg sources they claim that Apple is developing a subscription service for the iPhone and other hardware. Similar to the iPhone upgrade program, you would pay a monthly fee instead of an […]

Historically! Europe has decided how to buy gas

EU leaders argued sharply Friday over measures to ease the energy market crisis exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but eventually managed to unite amid growing concerns about the impact on rising consumers of rising gas prices. and oil. There was intense debate until late in the evening on whether to limit energy prices, which […]

Deputy Minister of Health Dante Reveals Health Screening Plan to Cooperate with BPJS

Liputan6.com, Jakarta According to data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2021, as many as 51.68 percent of the elderly in Indonesia Indonesia still self-medicating when she encounters complaints related to her health condition. The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono SpPD-KEMD also revealed that the government would […]

After the outburst of rage – Kyrgios is fined

Australian Nick Kyrgios lost to Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals at Indian Wells earlier in March by 1-2. Kyrgios could not hold back his emotions when his withdrawal from the tournament was a fact. After Kyrgios shook hands with both Nadal and the referee, he threw his racket down the hill with such force that […]

Movie review: “Everyone hates Johan” – Easy exchange for the village animal

– Drama comedy Director: Hallvar Witzø Actors: Pål Sverre Hagen, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Vee Vimolmal, John Brungot, Ine Jansen, Ingunn Øyen, Paul-Ottar Haga, Trond-Ove Skrødal, Hermann Sabado Premieredata: 25.03.2022 Age limit: 12 years «A witty, absurd and lengthy affair.» – – See all reviews Today, the debut award was announced. The winning title “One last […]