China rescues 11 miners after 2 weeks underground

The collapse left 22 workers stranded 600 meters underground with one confirmed death before authorities discovered signs of life underground last week. Until being able to contact a group of workers And preparing for the past several days To bring them to the ground – The first worker rescued Was pulled back up early on […]

COVID-19 Allergy Insurance Point out soon: PPTVHD36

The OIC will issue an order for insurers to cut COVID-19 premiums by 20%, while a few companies are now submitting to apply for COVID-19 allergy protection insurance. Prepare to consider fair conditions before the COVID vaccine enters Thailand. – It’s started! OIC issued insurance, paid 10 baht for COVID-19 accident protection The depot paid […]

How we live in a computer created illusion

The Indian term maya refers to the illusion that a person falls into and which obscures the true nature of things. Computers are replacing reality with us today – and I’m not talking about social bubbles or games, but about digitally calculating image and sound. We literally see and listen to what is not! We […]

Mercedes-Benz launches a 7-seater SUV, GLS 350 d 4MATIC AMG Premium, a domestic assembly model, put an option until the price is 6,499,000 baht.

Mr. Roland Falker, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “In 2021, Mercedes-Benz. While reiterating our commitment to the premium car market in Thailand In particular, the segment of the SUV, we see the demand of consumers continue to rise today. With the release “Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 d 4MATIC AMG Premium” Premium SUV […]

Companies cancel research projects with universities

Berlin Corona also damages science. At the universities, various research collaborations with industry broke off last year – the situation could worsen dramatically in 2021 because expiring projects will not be replaced. This threatens a setback for one of the central goals of the federal government. Its declared aim was to support the transfer from […]

‘Poems between candles’ against childhood diabetes

Francisco Alejandro Rodríguez, professor at the IES Mediterráneo de La Línea, has published a video on Youtube that under the title Poem Between Candles collects a series of unpublished poems by the author with which he intends to transmit “Solidarity and trust” to society, especially to that of Campo de Gibraltar, in especially delicate moments […]

This 3D Magneton in is as realistic as it is electrifying

A fairly realistic Magneton render — One of the creatures belonging to the first generation of Pokémon is the artificial creature of electric type known by the name Magneton, it may not be as popular a Pokémon as Pikachu, but it has a rather curious aspect, since the Pokémon Magneton is the union of three […]

On our own behalf: The Ruhr Nachrichten Lünen is now on Instagram

Have you always wanted to know how our articles are made and who are the people who provide you with information every day? Now you have the opportunity on Instagram to find out about the latest from Lünen and to take a look behind the scenes. Get to know our editors and follow us through […]