20 types of “superfood” useful foods for oral health, teeth and gums

Starch-rich foods and sugar are the most bacteria-loving foods in the gums. They convert sugars into harmful acids that break down enamel, leading to many gum diseases such as gingivitis. To strengthen the teeth– Healthy, healthy foods play a vital role in promoting oral health and ensuring a bright and beautiful smile on our faces, […]

“I’m not a manual trainer for them.” Semin harshly commented on leaving Lokomotiv

– “I’m not a manual trainer for them.” Semin harshly commented on leaving Lokomotiv June 1, 2020 00:14 Football                                     / RPL 0 – – Former head coach of Lokomotiv Yuri Semin named the reason for his departure from the Moscow club. “I achieved the result, despite the even greater disagreements. The reason for the separation […]

EA postpones presentation due to the current situation in the United States

Actually EA Sports wanted to announce officially in the next few days Madden NFL 21 , but the publisher has decided to postpone the football game due to the current situation in the United States. In many parts of the United States, anger about the death of African-American George Floyd as a result of a […]

What are the prospects for the gold rally to continue? | 05/31/20

Gold was dormant for a long time. But the price of precious metals has been rising steadily for around a year. How far can the rally carry the gold price? • gold has gained more than 30 percent in value in the past 12 months • Prospects for further gold price increases are positive • […]

Spain hopes to complete deconfinement on July 1

The head of the Spanish government said on Sunday he hoped the deconfinement will be completed on 1er July across the country and announced a last extension the alert, which limits traffic, until June 21. 1er July, I hope that all the Spanish territory will be able to recover its freedom of movement, if there […]

Video appears to show New York Police patrol ramming into crowd

Authorities are investigating an incident captured in video It appears to show a New York Police patrol ramming into a crowd during a protest in Brooklyn over the death of George Floyd. Authorities say protesters threw a brick, water bottles, and placed a burning bag on top of the car. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

Coronvirus: 28,000 dead in Brazil and Bolsonaro once again disregards health rules

Brazil is the 4th country with the most deaths from coronavirus. – Lhe Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro took part in a rally on Sunday with his supporters, once again defying health standards and rules of social distancing at a time when the country is recording nearly half a million cases of the new coronavirus. The […]

OM | OM: Villas-Boas seduced by Rennais M’Baye Niang

Still in Porto while waiting for the resumption at the end of June, André Villas-Boas did not cut his phone either. In direct connection with Frank McCourt who largely influenced his return, he also received some assurances to look good next season in the Champions League. And if OM succeeds in recovering some 60 ME […]

On horseback: Queen shows up outdoors for the first time in months

Updated May 31, 2020, 11:43 p.m. A sign of normality: Queen Elizabeth II can be photographed while riding in the park. The picture is also intended as a message to the people: everything is fine at Windsor. More nobility news can be found here The British queen Elizabeth II showed up outdoors for the first […]