“I’m not a manual trainer for them.” Semin harshly commented on leaving Lokomotiv

“I’m not a manual trainer for them.” Semin harshly commented on leaving Lokomotiv

June 1, 2020 00:14

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Former head coach of Lokomotiv Yuri Semin named the reason for his departure from the Moscow club.

“I achieved the result, despite the even greater disagreements. The reason for the separation of the leaders of Lokomotiv with me is that for them I am not a hand coach and at certain times I interfere with them. I emphasize: not to the club, but to them personally.

While these leaders are working in the club, I do not need any posts. To be at the matches in Cherkizovo, I will either buy a box for myself, or I will go to my friends. Whenever I want. When they finish their restructuring, and others come, I’ll be back. I love Lokomotiv, this is a huge part of my life. This club has given me a lot. And he has nothing to do with this group of people, ”Sports Express quoted Semin as saying.

On May 31, Semin spent the last day as the head coach of the railroad workers. The specialist coached Lokomotiv from 2016, and before that he led the team three times: from 1986 to 1990, from 1992 to 2005 and from 2009 to 2010. During the career of a mentor, the specialist worked in Kuban, Pamir, Moscow and Kiev Dynamo, Gabala, Mordovia, Anzhi and the Russian team.

Under the leadership of Semin, Lokomotiv three times became the champion of Russia, six times won the Cup and three times the Super Cup of Russia.

“Let Kiknadze say.” Semin declined to comment on the last day of the contract with Loko.

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