Coronvirus: 28,000 dead in Brazil and Bolsonaro once again disregards health rules

Brazil is the 4th country with the most deaths from coronavirus.

Lhe Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro took part in a rally on Sunday with his supporters, once again defying health standards and rules of social distancing at a time when the country is recording nearly half a million cases of the new coronavirus.

The head of state, openly against the containment measures, appeared before the presidential palace in Brasilia, greeting dozens of sympathizers who chanted: “myth, myth, myth”.

While being careful not to touch the hands of his supporters this time, Mr. Bolsonaro, surrounded by his bodyguards, carried two children on his shoulders. He then rode a police horse.

Brazil, 210 million inhabitants, is the fourth country with the most deaths from the new coronavirus as of Saturday with 28,834 deaths, behind the United States (more than 103,000), the United Kingdom (38,489) and the Italy (33,414), according to a report prepared by AFP.

The Latin American giant will soon exceed 500,000 cases of new coronavirus, the second highest figure in the world after the United States which registers around 2 million infected people.


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