Spain hopes to complete deconfinement on July 1

The head of the Spanish government said on Sunday he hoped the deconfinement will be completed on 1er July across the country and announced a last extension the alert, which limits traffic, until June 21.

1er July, I hope that all the Spanish territory will be able to recover its freedom of movement, if there is no change in the evolution of the epidemic new coronavirus, said Pedro Sanchez at a press conference.

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The extended alert state

The Spanish are not allowed to leave their province until the deconfinement is finished.

We are about to arrive safely […], to end this health emergency But we still need a final fifteen day extension of the state of alert, which was due to end on June 7, added the head of government.

As of 1er In July, Spain also decided to reopen its borders to foreign tourists and to lift the quarantine imposed on May 15 on anyone entering the country.

27,000 dead in Spain

Spain, one of the most bereaved countries in the world by the pandemic with more than 27,000 dead, has started in recent weeks deconfinement in phases, different according to the regions according to their epidemiological situation.

The phases should last two weeks, this deconfinement was to be completed at the end of June in most regions but only at the beginning of July in the region of Madrid or Barcelona. The two largest cities in the country, the most affected by the pandemic, were the last to begin their deconfinement Monday.

Pedro Sanchez explained on Sunday that the regional authorities, who will again be responsible for managing the third and last phase of the deconfinement, will be able to reduce the duration if the situation allows.

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Beaches and restaurants open

Monday, 70% of Spaniards will be in the second phase of deconfinement which allows in particular the opening of beaches or restaurants.

The two-week extension of the state of alert, the sixth since the start of confinement, is due to be ratified by the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday.

The minority government of Pedro Sanchez can count on the abstention of a Catalan independence party and the support of the Basque nationalists.

Decreed on March 14, the state of alert enabled the central government to regain control of powers in a highly decentralized country and to limit the movement of people during one of the strictest confinements in the world and now during deconfinement progressive.

In mid-May, Pedro Sanchez had tried to extend this exceptional measure for one month until the end of June, but he had to revise his claims down to two weeks to ensure the support of a Liberal party this time. Parliament.


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