On horseback: Queen shows up outdoors for the first time in months

Updated May 31, 2020, 11:43 p.m.

A sign of normality: Queen Elizabeth II can be photographed while riding in the park. The picture is also intended as a message to the people: everything is fine at Windsor.

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The British queen Elizabeth II showed up outdoors for the first time in months. On the night of Monday, the palace published a current photo of the 94-year-old monarch doing one of her favorite things: riding in the spacious park of Windsor Castle. The British do not seem to have to worry about the health of their head of state for the time being.

In the photo you can see the queen on the back of a pony named Balmoral Fern. She is wearing a pink headscarf, a green tweed jacket and white gloves.

With the dogs in palace quarantine

The queen is known for her love of animals, especially horses and dogs. When she was taken from Buckingham Palace to Windsor in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic, reports say her two dogs, Dorgis Candy and Vulcan, were also in the car.

Since then, Elizabeth and her 98-year-old husband, Prince Philip, have withdrawn in what is supposed to be their favorite residence. Because of their old age, the two are particularly vulnerable to the lung disease Covid-19. However, the Royals do not have to do without the usual luxury: The couple, the British news agency PA writes, have probably put a number of employees in isolation. (best / dpa)

In January, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan surprised the public with the announcement that they would withdraw from the royal family. Most were sure that Meghan was behind it. But now it turns out: It was not the driving force behind this project.

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