title holder, Bern will not compete in …

Reigning Swiss champion, CP Berne will not be able to keep his crown. Hans Kossmann’s squad was woefully eliminated in the National League play-off race. Beaten 3-2 in Lausanne, the Bernese were unable to exploit the defeat of Lugano during the 118th Ticino derby. Ambri-Piotta did indeed play the game wonderfully to win 4-1 in […]

No, this robot image does not tease GTA 6 – JAPANFM

I understand that many of you want Grand Theft Auto 6 news or information, but that’s not all. And this is not how you will learn GTA 6. Recently, the exact date doesn’t matter, Rockstar has updated its website to include new images. Two of these images caught the attention of Reddit and some GTA […]

The government reduces the prices of gasoline, diesel and gas

Amman – Al-Rai The Committee for the Pricing of Oil Derivatives in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources decided during a meeting held today, Saturday, to reduce the price of 90 octane gasoline by 30 fils, octane gasoline 95 by 35 fils, diesel by 50 fils and gas by 40 fils. According to a […]

SURVEY. In Paris, Rachida Dati walks past Anne Hidalgo

11:30 p.m.     , February 29, 2020 Fifteen days before the first round of the municipal ballot, on March 15, the latest Ifop-Fiducial survey for the JDD and Sud Radio confirms an uncertainty never seen in a Parisian election: the three main contenders stand in 5 points. Above all, this poll marks a real turning point […]

first death in the United States

A woman in her 50s has died in Washington State after contracting the coronavirus, American authorities announced on Saturday, the first death linked to the epidemic in American territory where the number of patients remains limited. 47 patients repatriated to the United States Some 22 cases have been diagnosed in the United States, President Donald […]

Behind the scenes of the Caesars of Discord

What if the “scandal” of the year had arisen from a point of settlement? Since 2016, to diversify the winners, it is no longer possible to combine the Cesar for the best film and that of the best achievement, as had happened 27 times in forty editions. If a filmmaker leads the votes in both […]

Trump announced the immediate withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump, after signing an agreement with the Taliban (banned in Russia), said that the return of US troops from Afghanistan will begin immediately. “Today. “It will begin immediately,” Mr. Trump said, answering a question from journalists when the reduction of military forces will begin in accordance with the agreement (quote on AFP). […]

Liège: an 11-year-old minor driving a car!

A French national, he was arrested and interviewed. The value does not wait, so to speak, for the number of years (sic). A minor, barely 11 years old, was arrested this Saturday afternoon in Seraing. The latter, of French nationality and passing by his father who had a foot in the ground, was driving a […]

Virus fear and gallows humor: The long cultural history of the epidemics

There are scenes that are otherwise only known from Hollywood’s disaster genre: politicians and authorities meticulously outline their emergency plans. Media reports around the clock and therefore do not always help to calm down. Over-worried and so-called “Prepper” – a subculture of the Internet, which is based on conspiracy theories and which prepares for the […]