Quirinale, who are the big voters and how the regional delegates are chosen

Today is the day of the start of the process that will lead to the election of the next President of the Republic. Waiting for the President of the Chamber, Roberto I am, communicate the date for the convocation of the Parliament in joint session for the first vote, the Regions are preparing to appoint […]

Climate change will lead to impoverishment of 5 regions of Ukraine, – research

Scientists’ forecasts promise us periods of heat waves and droughts in summer and floods in winter. The World Bank has conducted a study on the impact of climate change on key sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Scientists took two possible scenarios, the first – with the current dynamics of temperature, and the second – if […]

Beijing is covered with snow – Korrespondent.net

Beijing is snowing The temperature dropped to three degrees below zero. In some regions, up to 300 mm of snow fell. In the capital of China, Beijing, the first snow fell. Heavy snowfall began on Sunday night, November 7, the agency reports. Xinhua. The snowfall continued on Sunday, which coincided with the beginning of the […]

The court canceled the regional status of the Russian language in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The court decided to fully satisfy the petition of the regional prosecutor’s office and to declare illegal the decision of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council to support the language policy in Ukraine, according to which the regional status of the Russian language was preserved. The court also recognized that this decision of the regional council contradicts […]

What are the favorite recipes of the French according to the regions?

To each region his favorite recipe. The cooking site Kitchen , which has 20 million unique visitors per month (Médiamétrie data), unveiled in the JDD from 1is August which were the most cooked dishes according to the regions of France. Against all odds, in Brittany, a Creole dish is at the top: rougail sausage. On […]

Weather. Two regions of the globe now uninhabitable for humans

The addition of high heat with humidity makes certain terrestrial regions almost unbearable for humans. This is what the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – announced in its latest report to be released on August 9. after the distribution of extracts via theAFP. Two regions are particularly affected by this phenomenon of “Wet […]