20 minutes – “Homeland” was inspired by “Criminal Minds”

While Homeland’s 8th and final season ended Sunday (April 26) in the United States, the co-creator and executive producer of the series revealed how Ben Savage was chosen to play Saul Berenson young in the penultimate episode. In several scenes, the character played by Mandy Patinkin is seen in flashbacks, in the 1980s, Berlin. We […]

20 minutes – NBA hopeful accused of murder

Teshaun Hightower (22), the best Green Wave scorer at Tulane University (NCAA), was arrested on Sunday. Established New Orleans during the season, the American was charged with murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. He was placed in a cell in a carcral establishment in Henry County, Georgia. […]

20 minutes – Rubalises do not avoid the purchase of banned items

The choice of products authorized or prohibited for sale in supermarkets has been widely debated in recent weeks. But once this question is settled, another problem is denounced by the Swiss Union of Arts and Crafts (Usam) on the airwaves of the RTS: the articles withdrawn from the sale and signaled by scotches, rubalises or […]

20 minutes – Soon a car tax by weight?

The Geneva State Council decided to revise the car tax. According to the Geneva Tribune, the criteria used in the calculation could change, the state incorporating the weight of the vehicles. While the very large SUVs are set up at the end of the lake, this reform could prove lucrative. Today, the daily newspaper, the […]

20 minutes – Jota offers the title to Wolverhampton

The Wolves on the roof of the Premier League. The dream of any supporter of Wolverhampton, a three-time national champion club in the 1950s, came true on Saturday. Well almost. TAA post cap Striker Diogo Jota won a virtual Premier League tournament hosted by the FIFA 20 video game. The Portuguese – who scored 15 […]

20 minutes – “Where to walk your dog so as not to disturb ?!”

O do you want me to go walk my dog ​​somewhere other than a fort? It is only around my home that allows her to let off steam, rebels Rose-Marie *, who lives not far from the Chalet – Gobet (VD). Last weekend, this octognaire had let her pointer St-Germain run along a country road […]

20 minutes – “Having the chance to stay at home is a luxury”

Chris Hemsworth called 20 minutes to answer our questions by videoconference from his residence in Byron Bay, Australia. The 36-year-old actor, unforgettable in his role as Thor, is the star of the new action film Tyler Rake: Extraction available since Saturday April 25, 2020 on Netflix. How is your confinement going? I will be very […]

20 minutes – They require the overpressure of the maturity exams

The last years of college students are in the dark, and quite worried. less than the start of the maturity exams, they still do not know if the written evidence will indeed take place. Supported by a dozen student associations, a letter was recently sent to the Geneva Department of Public Education (DIP). The text […]

20 minutes – Belarusian football shines, but the stadiums are empty

In the arnes, there are irreducibles. Yahor Khavanski, 26, recognizes a little fear but will not drug the tradition on Sunday and will go to the stadium. He will take his mask, his scarf from FK Sloutsk and assist by trying not to touch anything the meeting between his team and Belshina Bobrousk, for the […]

20 minutes – Bonuses to say thank you to caregivers

They have been at the front since March, at the risk of their health and their life. Extraordinary and high quality commitment is required of all healthcare staff (emergency doctors, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, cleaning staff) at the forefront of this fight against the disease. Other trades, such as security agents, also actively participate, in […]