Eduardo Fauzi expelled from far right organization after attack

The man identified by the Brazilian police as one of the suspects in the attack on the headquarters of the producer of the Brazilian comedy group Porta das Fundo was expelled from the Brazilian Integralist Front (FIB). “After the efficient investigation of the Rio de Janeiro civil police, we were surprised by the revelation that … Read more

Zamalek reviews the journey of Gensh from Achilles’ “Tribulation” in 65 seconds

Browse the official website of Zamalek Club, a journey of suffering Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim Ganesh The first soccer team’s goalkeeper, with Achilles’ chord injury, which was decided to be absent for a period of 6 to 8 months. Patriot, until he returned to participate “alone” in his team’s training. Zamalek‚Äôs official website commented on the video … Read more

Tesla can build more than 1,000 Model 3s a week

– Gigafactory. (Image: Tesla) 01.01.2020, 00:28 a.m. Note: We used commission links in this article and marked them with “*”. If an order is placed via these links, receives a commission. As announced, Tesla has started delivering the Model 3 produced in Shanghai in China and has shown that 1,000 Model 3 are rolling … Read more

Tamer Hosny launches a global challenge with a video on “Burj Khalifa” and reveals his wish x 2020

Release The star Tamer Hosny, A global challenge in cooperation with the application “Tik Tok”, after it was chosen by the management of the social media platform as the best Arab interface to carry out the first Arab and global challenge to achieve 5 wishes for his fans, and the launch of the challenge came … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite can be seen in new photos in advance

Samsung ushers in the new year with the early launch of two new lite variants of its current flagship smartphones. Next to the Galaxy S10 Lite is also coming the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Photos have now appeared on the Internet that show the device in real life. about the Twitter account The YouTube … Read more

The Netherlands generates the most renewable energy in January NOW

Dutch sustainable energy production will be in 2019 with 13 percent rose on Monday from figures from the Social and Economic Council (SER). Although solar energy grows the fastest, the production of sustainable electricity is highest in the winter months. This is mainly due to the efficiency of wind farms: they generated the most electricity … Read more