Rapid Spread of JN1 Mutant: New Threat of Coronavirus Variant

Rapid Spread of JN1 Mutant: New Threat of Coronavirus Variant

Rajana Hamiya wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: After a period of “hibernation”, “Corona” has returned to the top of the list of viruses with the remarkable activity of the new sub-mutant JN1 in a large number of countries in the world, especially in North America and most European countries. The rapid spread of the variant that was … Read more

Ricardo Regufe stops following the National Team.

Ricardo Regufe will no longer follow the work of the National Team. Over the last 20 years, the now player agent has always been included in the entourages as a link to the players. Related Euro2024. All of Portugal’s squad in Roberto Martínez’s first training session Profile. Ricardo Regufe: Cristiano Ronaldo’s inseparable friend “It was … Read more

FC Porto – Rio Ave: Dragon in the tenth heaven but with faith in his mouth

Nuno A. Amaral Yesterday at 23:37 FC Porto reaches ten consecutive victories, in a game in which Rio Ave threatened a draw. Toni Martínez decided with a goal close to halftime. More squeezed could not be. FC Porto continues to win, but it gives the impression of playing at the physical limits and it was … Read more

Far-right one step closer to rising in new ballots

Escalation of conservative ideology overshadows European states that go to the polls in 2023. Results depend on the “economic course of this year”, considers an expert. Within the Old Continent there is a change in voter preference. The weariness in relation to the parties that govern is accentuated, which can trigger the rise of the … Read more

Juventus owes 19 million to Ronaldo and risks losing nine points

Juventus risk losing nine points already this season following financial irregularities in player transfers. In addition, the Italian club will be indebted to Cristiano Ronaldo, in the amount of 19 million euros. The Justice Council of the Italian Football Federation asked, in court, that nine points be deducted from Juventus and the suspension of directors … Read more

Lyon player got pregnant and club stopped paying wages

Sara Bjork Gunnarsdóttir, now a Liverpool player, found out she was pregnant in March 2021 while representing Lyon. French club stopped paying wages to the athlete, FIFA intervened and agreed with Sara, who now tells the story in an open letter. It was March 2021 when midfielder Sara Bjork Gunnarsdóttir found out she was pregnant … Read more

Mourinho guarantees that he was the first and only choice for the national team

JN/Branches Today at 00:51 The coach of Roma, the Portuguese José Mourinho, assured today that he was the first and only choice of the president of the Portuguese Football Federation to be the new coach, but understood that he should reject it, because he was happy in Italy. “I’m going to say something that probably … Read more

NASA announces the launch of a new lunar rocket on Saturday

JN / Businesses Now at 00:11– The US area agency (NASA) announced Tuesday that it will attempt to start the new SLS lunar rocket on Saturday, after a failed initially attempt on Monday thanks to a complex dilemma. “We have agreed to move our launch date to Saturday, September 3,” reported Mission Director Mike Sarafin, … Read more