Tamer Hosny launches a global challenge with a video on “Burj Khalifa” and reveals his wish x 2020

Release The star Tamer Hosny, A global challenge in cooperation with the application “Tik Tok”, after it was chosen by the management of the social media platform as the best Arab interface to carry out the first Arab and global challenge to achieve 5 wishes for his fans, and the launch of the challenge came through a video clip of the star Tamer Hosni, presented to Burj Khalifa, in Dubai , With the start of the new year 2020.

Tamer Hosny, the video clip, was published on the Instagram feature on his Instagram account, where he wrote on the Burj Khalifa, before Tamer Hosni appeared, the challenge slogan, which is “# 2020 .. Make your Video.. Make A wishAs Tamer started the video with the words of his new song, “Sweet Talk”, he said from the song’s lyrics, “Sweet Place, O Friends of Time”, then he continued his speech to announce the new challenge, “Every year, you are good … Challenge the year de Heikon globally. It consists of two wishes, the first is personal and the other is general .. Come on “Tik Tok” and say, “Wishes for a New Year’s Eve … It is this.”

Tamer Hosny launches a global challenge with a video on Burj Khalifa
Tamer Hosny launches a global challenge with a video on Burj Khalifa

Tamer Hosny added, “To all the fans of” Tik Tok “in the Arab world and all over the world every year and you are good … I am very happy and very honored if you choose me to be the global Arab front for the challenge with our great efforts this .. The year challenge is a two personal security and general security And the management of “Tik Tok” will randomly choose 5 wishes, God willing, I will fulfill them.

“As for my wishes, I will start with public security … public security. God willing, there will be no other wars, and peace will prevail in the whole world … and private security will divide it with two daughters … The first is that I see the children of the five successful and realize their dreams … and I say five for me .. I have 3 children, but I consider my mother as my lover, and my wife, my beloved, is among my children .. Our Lord honors them and realizes all those who dream about him .. As for the personal security that remains, I am dreaming that I am making a film that takes Oscar .. The ambition is not a shame .. I don’t trust you on the hashtag “2020” Make A wishAnd hashtag, “Tamer Hosni … every year and you are good.”

Tamer Hosny launches a challenge in cooperation with Tik Tok

Tamer Hosny selection, the best Arabic interface for Tik Tok application

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