Entertainment Madara Kiviča before the wedding anniversary: ​​"I will throw...

Madara Kiviča before the wedding anniversary: ​​”I will throw the wedding ring in the canal at the Freedom Monument”


More than two months have passed since it became known that the musician and the party “KPV LV” 13th Saeima deputy candidate Andris Kivičs (40) has chosen to form a relationship with the lady of the society, artist, journalist and mother of three Lieni Skulmi, moving to life in her family. Madara Kiviča, 26, with two daughters born to Andrew, has to start anew. However, she is determined, believes that life will succeed, and told the magazine “Kas Jauns” about her daily changes, the job of a nanny found, future plans and whether she is already ready for a new relationship.

Accustomed to new life

“It’s been more than two months, and I think I’m very used to new life – without Andris. Now I live with girls with a different rhythm. Looking back, I understand – we had pampered our girls a little. Well, we have to put down some frames, we have to draw bigger and tighter boundaries. Also to take care of yourself. Now I understand that no one has to make concessions. “

The girls have to accept that my mother has to listen and it will not be the way it used to be, when they often allowed themselves to speak out against me.

Everything was real

“I believe that in a relationship it would be best if a person openly said that he no longer had feelings for each other. Everything happens in life, in relationships too. The problem is that there are people who do not talk about their feelings. We were different, because Andris said that he talks about feelings all the time. But it turns out that he has also kept something secret, because according to him, it turns out that the “gap” in the relationship has been so long. It is clear that he has kept something secret. “

I do not make myself holy, I do not say that I have been perfect. I was wrong too.

“We’ve both made mistakes, there have been louder quarrels, but there are everyone. Andri and I weren’t perfect, but we were both sensitive, fragile souls. When I was touched, I lived for a long time, Andris is like that. We had strong feelings and no one we didn’t want to hurt each other. We didn’t represent a happy couple, we really had everything. “

A gesture of memory

“The wedding anniversary is approaching … I don’t wear our wedding ring anymore. , I will think about everything as it was, because those were wonderful years in my life … “

“I will definitely buy myself a new ring, because I really like the accessories. I know many couples who either throw rings in the Daugava after divorce, or go and leave together where they got acquainted or married. There is nothing reprehensible there, it’s actually a nice gesture to remember. on former relationships and marriage. “

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Read more about Madara in several works, plans to divorce and worshipers in an interview with Kivičs in this week’s magazine “Kas Jauns”!

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