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White Woman Injured in Hate Crime Shooting by Neighbor, Court Records Confirm

Illinois Man Charged with Attempted Murder Faces Hate Crime Charges

The victim was a white woman harassed by the neighbor for having a Black partner, court records show.

An Illinois man charged with attempted murder now stands accused of committing
a hate crime when police said he shot and injured his neighbor on Tuesday in
Lockport Township.

John P. Shadbar, 70, was arrested after the alleged shooting of a 45-year-old
woman who remains in critical condition, according to the Will County Sheriff’s
Office. He is being held in jail without bond.

Shadbar faces nine felonies including hate crime, aggravated battery, criminal
damage to property, aggravated discharge of a firearm, and aggravated unlawful
use of a weapon, according to court records.

Officers seized five guns from Shadbar’s home

Officers located and confiscated five weapons from Shadbar’s residence, including
a shotgun, two handguns, and two AK-47 style rifles. The sheriff’s office believes
one of the rifles was used in the shooting.

Shadbar’s Firearm Owner’s Identification card was revoked in 1979 after he was
arrested for a felony offense.

Victim was white woman with Black partner

According to court documents, the victim is a white woman who has endured years
of harassment and threats from Shadbar due to her relationship with a Black partner.

Shadbar is reported to have used racial slurs against both the woman and her children,
in addition to threatening their lives.

The incident occurred last Tuesday when the victim and her friend, along with two
young children, were in their backyard. Shadbar revved his motorcycle engine,
to which the victim responded by blowing an airhorn. In response, Shadbar threw
a bottle over the fence and used racial slurs while referencing death.

Victim called police twice regarding Shadbar before shooting

Prior to the shooting, the victim called the police twice regarding minor issues
with Shadbar, both of which were resolved. The first call reported Shadbar’s agitated
behavior and verbal abuse towards the victim and her children. The second call, in
March, reported Shadbar shooting fireworks and possibly a gun over the victim’s backyard
fence. However, Shadbar was not arrested due to a lack of evidence.

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