Veteran New York journalist Pablo Guzmán dies

Veteran CBS journalist Pablo Guzmán has died. Guzmán was 73 years old.

The reporter was known for covering stories from around the city, whether crime, politics or courts.

The CBS network posted a message on social media about Guzmán’s death.

“Sad news to share: we mourn the loss of Pablo Guzmán, a legendary voice of New York journalism and friend and colleague to many of us,” the message reads.

The Bronx-native journalist graduated from SUNY Old Westbury and had a deep love for the Yankees.

Mayor Eric Adams also referred to Guzmán’s death.

“Pablo Guzmán was a son of the Bronx who spoke truth to power and demanded that leaders be held accountable. Our city is a better place because of the work he did and he will truly be missed. May he rest in peace,” Adams wrote in a message on social media.

Guzmán also founded the New York chapter of the radical Puerto Rican group Young Lords, which fought against police brutality and racism.

NY1 and NY1 Noticias commentator Gerson Borrero posted a message on social media with a link to an article Guzmán wrote about his time with the Young Lords.

His work has appeared in numerous media, including Rolling Stone.

He also worked as a reporter for Channel 5 and WNBC.

Guzmán died of a heart attack on Sunday morning. He leaves behind his wife, two children and his mother.

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