Trump demands immediate crisis aid for Americans

In a tirade of messages on Twitter, Trump advocates that Congress must immediately adopt a new round of crisis aid. The messages he posted Wednesday morning US time came just seven hours after he ordered Republicans in Congress to put negotiations with Democrats on hold. Instead, he himself will provide a crisis package for the Americans after the election on November 3.

Trump’s latest move creates confusion about what Trump’s strategy really is, he writes Washington Post.

Just before 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, in a Twitter message, he asked Congress to “IMMEDIATELY” adopt $ 25 billion in crisis aid for the aviation industry.

Less than half an hour later, he asked Congress to give millions of Americans a cash payment of $ 1,200, at the same time as he wrote that he wanted immediate help for small businesses for billions of dollars.

– I’m ready to sign right away. Do you hear Nancy? was one of the messages.

Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat and Speaker of the House of Representatives. The day before, she accused Trump of creating complete chaos in the White House after he announced that negotiations on a crisis package had to end.

The measures that Trump is proposing on Wednesday are already included in the crisis package that the Republicans and Democrats have negotiated.


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